Building Code Violations

building code violations

What Is A Building Code Violation? 

A building code violation is a citation that is issued because a building does not comply with the building code/s set by your local building department. Not fixing a building code violation after a certain amount of time can lead to anything from big fines to closure of the building. You should address building code violations as soon as possible.

If the building that received the violation is located in Chicago, please click the button below to check the status and other important info about your violation.

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How To Fix A Building Code Violation

Fixing building code violations requires a lot more than contacting the right contractors, handymen, and finishing the repair process in time for a follow-up inspection. Approaching the code violation in an efficient and timely manner is key. At TBC our team of professional designers and builders will save you time and money, without making any sacrifices. Please contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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