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Construction Management

What Is Construction Management?

Construction management is one of TBC’s most valuable tools that assists an owner by helping forward the design and construction of a project by organizing people, materials and equipment. There are six elements of construction management; project planning, cost management, time management, contract administration, quality control, and safety overseeing.

Clearly there’s a lot to manage, which is why TBC not only draws plans, expedites permits and designs interiors. Whether there are seven areas of focus or more – we keep construction running smoothly, within your budget and on time. TBC is proud to say that we’ve never delivered anything less than exemplary results.

What To Expect When You Hire Us For Construction Management  

  • We will save you money on your construction tab by coordinating competitive bidding.
  • We will find a strong team of contractors with a significant amount of experience applicable to your project.
  • We will save you time by putting our designers and contractors under one roof, avoiding many obstacles that could delay a project.
  • We will keep things running as smooth as silk (except for weather of course).
  • We will help you understand everything that is going on, and provide transparence in procedures, documents and contracts.
  • Finally and most importantly, we will listen and address all of your questions, ideas and concerns.

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